About this site

This site is the first unofficial My Media System web-site

This site is dedicated to the lighweight and easy Open Source Media Center for Linux: My Media System (MMS). It's about my projects, like themes, helper scripts or just documentation.

This site is a static creation. It's written with vi (my favourite editor), and you won't see here ratings, flash-animations, user-logins or stuff. If you like all these features, I've also run a fully features Blog.

Acmelabs' MMS project site

You can navigate this site with the upper left, right and top navigation panels. The search is done with Google. If you use it, the search will also include my Blog, since many articles are also refering to MMS there, too.


  • You can contact me by dropping me a private message at our forum(user account required).
  • Or you can leave me a message at my Blog. No nothing required, just leave a message. If it's a general question, just drop it into the About this site there.
  • Or write me an email to saur [at] acmelabs [dot] de.
  • Occasionally I use to spend my time at the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Server: irc.freenode.net, channel name: #mms
  • I've got a bunch of messenger accounts too, but I use them very rarely. I don't recommend to try to contact me this way.
  • About me
    My name is Andreas Saur. I'm 40y old, live in the southern part of Germany and I am a graduated computer scientist. My interests are drawing, cycling, photography and programming/scripting, basically with Linux.