UPDATE 10. Jan, 2009: Please use MMS 1.1.0 - it's almost stable!

The current stable version of MMS is and was released on the 20th of August 2007. It contains only bugfixes. There are no new features in it, and no changes to the config file have been made. So upgrading is 100% painless :-), like it was in For a download, click on the MMS-box, if you want to compile from source (meet the requirements first described in the wiki): If you want to install it from a package for Ubuntu-Edgy, add this line below, and uncomment the lines with multiverse and universe in your /etc/apt/sources.list. Roman Müllenschläder, the package maintainer, holds also versions for other Debian-Derivates on his server too. Read the details about all available Distros here.
deb binary/
Run an
apt-get update
and perform a
apt-get install mms-standard
A detailed changelog can be found here.


Version was released on 7th of June 2007, and contained mostly bugfixes.


Version was released on 1st of April 2007, and contained mostly bugfixes.


Version has been released on late 8th of March 2007 with a brand new theme and many improvements and bug-fixes! Read here for more details.
mms main menu
My Media Systems becomes more and more a popular Media-Center solution for Linux. The fact that MMS was listed on the 10th of March 2007 among freshmeat's Top 20 Projects on the Horizon reflects this very well:
mms at freshmeat

The design has been totally changed.
The new theme was created completely from scratch. All icons exist now also as vector graphics. This circumstance doesn't count now, but it opens the possibility to design MMS' look completely scalable in the future. So HDTV with a native resolution with 1920x1080 pixels won't be a problem anymore.
All background images in the different menus does have a symbol on it now, to reflect the menu you are in. Here are some sample screenshots:

The movie screen with covers form imdb:
mms movie-screen
Movie's information from imdb:
another mms movie-screen
Audio menu with covers from your harddisk:
mms at freshmeat
Additional audio menu, if a album is selected:
mms at freshmeat
Screensaver with title and album information:
mms at freshmeat
The picture menu:
mms at freshmeat
The options menu:
mms at freshmeat

If you are interested, read the whole story here, or visit the author's homepage.

Prior Versions:

Version has been released late 23rd of December 2006, so we can call it the XMas-Edition ;-) MMS in version has a few bugfixes and a major change in the directory structure, e.g.: MMS in version 1.0.8 has many new features, e.g.:

This is not the complete list of new features and bug-fixes. For a full overview see the entry in the Wiki

If you want to get the whole picture about MMS read the next page.

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